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Upcoming workshops

'What is contemporary Person-Centred theory?'

Facilitator: Sheila Haugh

Date: Saturday 13th April 2024.

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About the Workshop

When ‘contemporary’ is added to ‘person-centred’ it often seems to mean a move away from principled non-directivity and a licence for the practitioner to bring more of their frame of reference under the guise of congruence or ‘the relationship’. This day will consider other meanings of ‘contemporary’ within person-centred theory and practice. Specifically it will focus on the increasing need for principled non-directivity in our cultures today and how the notion of congruence has been developed. Perhaps most importantly, we will explore how a challenge to white, western psychology in general and person-centred psychotherapy in particular, may influence our way of being with those we are endeavouring to help in some way.

Low cost encounter day - Saturday 11th May

This event is now sold out

‘Reconnecting with Person-Centred Theory’

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